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Home Renovation & Remodeling Services in Islamabad, Pakistan

Reliable & Affordable Home Renovation & Remodeling

A house renovation can completely change its look, aesthetics, and ambiance. Our services help you redesign your home to make it a warm, ventilated, and welcoming space.

It provides the ideal opportunity to redo your home and also add more dynamism and vibrancy to it. We have expertise in renovating old homes, which includes room resizing, tile handing-off, and converging of rooms. Not only do we redo homes to suit your practical needs, but we also help you make them aesthetical pleasing – you would think it’s all brand new! We create segments to make more rooms for expanding families. Whatever your needs or vision is – we have it covered.

When it comes to renovation, budgeting is key. The prime goal is to run the undertaking easily and to accommodate it within the budget plan. The undertaking primarily modifies the structure of the home and even factors in the nursery, yard, gazebos, and other open-air structures. The car porch can similarly be improved during a renovation to suit your changing needs.


We, at Design051, specialize in the following House Renovation Services:

  • Building Renovate
  • Office modernization
  • Basement Renovations
  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Kitchen Remodel

We can also customize the rooms as per your preferences to include a new kitchen or bathroom or include new installations such as a spa, hot tub, or any other inclinations you have. We also waterproof the storm cellar and sound-proof rooms and restrooms. Based on the client’s preferences and needs – we are able to suggest the best possible remodeling services.
Improving fixtures and installations is another area covered under renovation and remodeling. We prioritize remaining flexible during renovations as unexpected issues can emerge, which require revisiting the original plan at times. Hence, we maintain close coordination with the client to adjust to any unforeseen issues and accommodate the environment accordingly and as per the client’s preference.